Planning Ahead…

At Hobby Lobby I saw Christmas decorations already!

holidaysYep, they were just across from Halloween and Thanksgiving ones. Seeing all that made me think that “the holidays” are going to be here before we know it.

While that can mean some really yummy food and good times with friends and family, I’m concerned that the general busy feeling of November and December may make it difficult for some people to keep going on making scarves for Threads of Compassion OKC.

And, I’d hate for someone to be at the hospital and not get a scarf and note from us!.

So, I’m hoping that the rest of September and October will prove fruitful for scarf making & donating.

Of course, I’d still love to take packages to the YWCA in November and December, but I’m hoping we can get ahead in the next 6 weeks or so.

Our next work day is October 10th –if you can make scarves by then please drop them by the Memorial Rd. church building that day. Or, we can meet up any other time that is good for you, just let me know.