19 Scarves!

Thank you to all who joined us at the Oklahoma State Fair. It was very encouraging to stop by the display in the Creative Arts building and see all the scarves there, with ribbons attached.

Before we packaged them on Sunday we spread them out on the table to admire them. There was a great variety of designs and colors. We’re already looking forward to next year!

photo of 19 scarves

One more week to register

Just a reminder that we have just one more week to register for the Creative Arts Competition at the Oklahoma State Fair.

I’ve seen some beautiful scarves from 3 of our volunteers, I’m really looking forward to seeing them all on display during the fair this year.

Please remember to check out the details and register online by August 15th if you’re able to enter a scarf (or 3) this year!

The Place to be in 23

Registration for the OK State Fair Creative Arts Competition has begun!

It’s free to register to submit your scarf to the competition. They display all the donated scarves together and then we pick them up after the fair. Everyone who enters receives a cool ribbon, and they even judge the scarves and award place ribbons to the ones they determine to be the top 10.

If you’d like to do this, but don’t want to have to drop your scarf off at the fairgrounds at the designated time, that’s no problem! You can bring it to our work day in July or make other arrangements to get it to Jessica by August 25th and she’ll drop it off for you you. You just need to register yourself, and get your scarf and copy of your registration receipt to us and we’ll handle the rest.

Free registration is online now through August 15th. You can submit up to 3 crocheted scarves and up to 3 knitted scarves. The details are all on the OK State Fair website.

Oklahoma State Fair

“Back to Fun in 21” is the slogan for this year’s state fair. We hope you’ll consider joining us by registering to donate a scarf to be displayed at the fair.

Registration has begun and continues until 5 p.m. on Sunday. August 15th.

Items must be dropped off at the fair during these times:

Saturday, September 11, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday, September 12, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

If you’re able to register and create a scarf, but need help dropping it off, please just contact us and we’ll try to make arrangements to get it from you and drop it off at the State Fair.

All the details about the creative arts competition at the fair are available here.

Threads in July

You may have noticed that we take a break from meeting in July. This doesn’t mean that our work stops. In the past, at least 50 scarves have been needed this month to offer comfort to survivors! We hope you’re continuing to work on ones that we can package next month.

Also, our other July project is to start getting ready for the fair. It’s time to register for the Oklahoma State Fair Creative Arts Competition! Registration happens all online.

You can check out all the fair’s rules here. Please note that the deadline to register is August 15th at 5pm. Scarves must be dropped off at the fair on September 7th or 8th.

We can deliver your scarf to the fair for you! We’ll just need your scarf delivered to us by September 6th.

Whether you want to try a new pattern or one you’ve done many times, we hope you’ll take time to register and create a scarf for the fair. It’s so encouraging to see the display there amidst all the other needlework crafts.

Threads of Compassion in July

While we’re taking a break from meeting in July, the work continues!

Historically in the summer months approximately 50 scarves have been distributed each month, so please keep creating them.

Also, starting July 1st you can register to join us in submitting scarves to be displayed at the Oklahoma State Fair and then donated. You can find all the details on the Oklahoma State Fair website.

Beautiful work!

We are so grateful for everyone that participated with us at the Oklahoma State Fair this year.

We received a beautiful variety of knitted and crocheted scarves.

If you weren’t able to see the display at the fair, check out the photos below to get an idea of how it looked.

Thanks again! We’re already planning for next  year. Join us if you can!

Two More Weeks!

Have you been thinking about entering a scarf in the Oklahoma State Fair, but just aren’t sure? I totally understand -before this option to enter a scarf as a donation to Threads of Compassion my last fair experience had been as a kiddo in 4-H.

I was surprised at how fun it was to see my item on display at the fair! So, whether you want to go see it on display or are just willing to donate, we hope you’ll join us this year.

This could be a great opportunity to try out a new pattern or do one that you’re really familiar with, all are welcome and appreciated.

There’s still time to register, and even more time to complete your scarf.

Registration deadline: 5pm August 15th.

Scarf deadline:  September 9th. (If you want us to deliver them we’ll need them by September 7th)

A preview

It was so neat to see all these scarves on display at the Oklahoma State Fair! We hope that each donor knows how much we appreciate their gift. We’ll be admiring them, photographing them, and packaging them at our next work day, Sunday 10/1. Join us if you can!

Getting ready for the fair

We still have over a month until scarves are due for the fair. 

So, if like me you haven’t started yet, there’s still time! I finally started one and you can too 🙂

Check out our previous post about how to register. (There’s no charge to enter and you’ll get at least one ribbon)