A New Favorite

I have a new favorite yarn!

Our bin of yarn is empty. We have used all the yarn that people have donated, and we have a volunteer ready to make more, but we have none to give her.

I was checking prices yesterday and found that Michaels has an online coupon for 40% off online purchases, so I decided to order a skein and try it. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve used yarn from there since Hobby Lobby is so much closer to my house. So I ordered a skein of Loops & Threads Soft Classic Acrylic. I am glad I tried it!

I ordered online last night and picked it up today. It was super easy -they have a rack of onine orders ready for pickup right inside the door.

photo of skein of green yarn with the beginning of a scarf and crochet hook.
Several ladies started making a simple shell scarf at our last workday so I started one today with the new yarn.

After lunch I started working on a scarf, and this yarn is great! It’s nice and soft, and even before the coupon, the price starts at a dollar less than our previous favorite from Hobby Lobby.

So, if you’re able, we’d love your help replenishing our yarn stock! With the coupon and tax, my total for one skein was only $2.60! I’d be glad to pick up this weekend, or next week if you order for pickup at the store Quail Springs Marketplace. Of course you could pick it up yourself, or have it shipped if you’d like. If you happen to be able to donate several skeins, shipping is free with orders of $49.

Here’s a link to the Michaels website, please choose whichever color you like. It’s great to have a variety. The skeins of solid colors should be large enough to finish a scarf with one. If you choose the multicolor ombre, it would be best to order 2 of the same color because they are smaller.

This may not seem like a bit deal, but years ago when I started crocheting I was really surprised that not all 100% acrylic yarns feel the same. I expected that since they were made out of the same thing that if they were the same weight they’d feel the same when working with them. Not true! Some are pretty scratchy, and some are nice and soft. Once washed the finished products tend to be very similar. But, when we’re spending hours crafting them it sure is nice to be working with soft yarn. I’m so glad to know that Michaels has this option (especially since they also had an coupon of the day that was 50% off any one item).

Let’s register for the OK State Fair!

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Registration for the OK State Fair Creative Arts Competition has begun.

It’s free to register to submit your scarf to the competition. They display all the donated scarves together and then we pick them up at the end of the fair. Everyone who enters one receives a cool ribbon, and they even judge the scarves and award place ribbons to the ones they determine the top 10.

Free registration is online now through August 15th. You can submit up to 3 crocheted scarves and up to 3 knitted scarves. The details are all on the State Fair’s website.

Changing our March Meeting Date

Due to the wintery weather and icy road we are rescheduling our March Work Day. Instead of meeting today we will be meeting Sunday March 10th.

Whether you can come for a few minutes or stay for quite awhile, we hope to see you there!

Join us Sunday

Join us Sunday!

This coming Sunday, February 3rd (yes, we know there’s a big football game happening that night) is our next Work Day. We’re looking forward to getting together and sharing pattern ideas, crocheting and knitting, and packaging scarves.

We always welcome newcomers. Whether you can stay for a few minutes or a few hours, we’re glad to have you join us.

We’ll be in room A123 at the Memorial Road Church of Christ (2221 E. Memorial Rd.) in Edmond from 2-5pm.

Special Guests at our Work Day

We’re excited to announce 2 special guests who are planning to visit our Work Day this coming Sunday, April 2nd.

Kim Moyer, State Director of Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma will be sharing with us a bit about Marsy’s Law and it’s current state here in Oklahoma.

Kari Littlejohn of LuLaRoe Kari Littlejohn will be sharing with us about a cool opportunity to bless some of the ladies that the YWCA serves here in Oklahoma City.

Our event lasts from 2-4:45 PM, both guests are planning to arrive at 3 PM, we hope you’ll be able to come meet them and hear about the work they’re doing.

Do you have a favorite pattern?

Over the years we’ve been doing this Threads of Compassion project we’ve seen a lot of different scarves. Some seem very simple while others seem very complex. The beautiful thing about it is that they all serve the same purpose, offering a bit of comfort to someone at a terrible time.

So, we’re wondering: do you have a favorite pattern? You know, the go-to one that you use time and again, maybe with different colors, but the same pattern. This is the one that you’ve done so many times it doesn’t require much concentration once you get going. It’s familiar and comfortable to create.

Some of us may be feeling a bit stuck in a rut with doing our familiar one over and over again. And, though there are lots of resources available that have great patterns, hearing from other people about their favorites would be great.

So, if you have a favorite, or just one you enjoy making, please share in the comments, a link to the pattern would be great if you have it 🙂 Let’s all see if we can benefit from trying something new in the next few months.

To get us started I’ll share one: it’s called the corner to corner pattern and you can see instructions including a video at The Crochet Crowd. This is one that took me a bit to learn at first, but once I got the hang of it I found that I loved it. I even used it for a scarf that went to the fair this year and brought home a ribbon.

photo of 2 scarves photo of scarf with ribbon

All right, I shared one, now you can too…



Thanks for going to the fair with us

photo of scarves at OK State Fair
2016 Oklahoma State Fair Entries

It was pretty cool to visit the Oklahoma State Fair last week and see the scarves to be donated to Threads of Compassion. As you can see from the photo we had a great turn out for this first year.

You can still swing by and see them until the fair closes on September 25th. The display is in the Creative Arts Building. There are lots of other cool things to look at in there, too.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this effort. We really appreciate it!

Send a scarf to Oklahoma State Fair

Whether or not you plan to make it out to the Oklahoma State Fair this September, we hope you’ll send a scarf. Yes, we want your scarf, whether or not you can come 🙂

For the first time, Threads of Compassion OKC has been included as a charity in the creative arts competition. It’s pretty cool: participants register, knit or crochet a scarf, deliver the scarf to be displayed, and then at the end of the fair all the scarves to go to Threads OKC. So cool, right?

It’s time to register to join us at the Oklahoma State Fair! The creative arts competition has opened online registration and they are ready for submissions. You have from now until August 15th to register.

It’s pretty simple, registration all happens online, there is no fee, and you drop off your scarf September 1oth or 11th. If dropping off is a problem, contact Jessica and she’ll help make arrangements to get the scarf dropped off for you.

You can see the instructions in the Needlecraft Guide, along with our listing on page 13.

For a bit more info, check out our post from last month: Let’s Go to the Fair!

Hope you can join us

We’ve planned our work days for the rest of the year and hope you’ll join us!

These are Sunday afternoons from 2-4:45pm in Edmond.

  • June 5, 2016
  • July – no meeting
  • August 7, 2016
  • September 11, 2016
  • October 2, 2016
  • November 6, 2016
  • December 4, 2016

Check out our Events page for more information.