A New Favorite

I have a new favorite yarn!

Our bin of yarn is empty. We have used all the yarn that people have donated, and we have a volunteer ready to make more, but we have none to give her.

I was checking prices yesterday and found that Michaels has an online coupon for 40% off online purchases, so I decided to order a skein and try it. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve used yarn from there since Hobby Lobby is so much closer to my house. So I ordered a skein of Loops & Threads Soft Classic Acrylic. I am glad I tried it!

I ordered online last night and picked it up today. It was super easy -they have a rack of onine orders ready for pickup right inside the door.

photo of skein of green yarn with the beginning of a scarf and crochet hook.
Several ladies started making a simple shell scarf at our last workday so I started one today with the new yarn.

After lunch I started working on a scarf, and this yarn is great! It’s nice and soft, and even before the coupon, the price starts at a dollar less than our previous favorite from Hobby Lobby.

So, if you’re able, we’d love your help replenishing our yarn stock! With the coupon and tax, my total for one skein was only $2.60! I’d be glad to pick up this weekend, or next week if you order for pickup at the store Quail Springs Marketplace. Of course you could pick it up yourself, or have it shipped if you’d like. If you happen to be able to donate several skeins, shipping is free with orders of $49.

Here’s a link to the Michaels website, please choose whichever color you like. It’s great to have a variety. The skeins of solid colors should be large enough to finish a scarf with one. If you choose the multicolor ombre, it would be best to order 2 of the same color because they are smaller.

This may not seem like a bit deal, but years ago when I started crocheting I was really surprised that not all 100% acrylic yarns feel the same. I expected that since they were made out of the same thing that if they were the same weight they’d feel the same when working with them. Not true! Some are pretty scratchy, and some are nice and soft. Once washed the finished products tend to be very similar. But, when we’re spending hours crafting them it sure is nice to be working with soft yarn. I’m so glad to know that Michaels has this option (especially since they also had an coupon of the day that was 50% off any one item).

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