New Year, New Pattern?

As we begin a new year it seems like a great time to try a new pattern. So, I thought I’d reach out and ask for you all to share ones you like.

You can send it by email, or post a link on our Facebook page.

If you happen to be looking for one and don’t know where to start, I’d encourage you to check out Yarnspirations, they have some great choices. There are lots of other great resources online, feel free to send those along as well.

Please keep in mind that just about any pattern is fine, we just need the scarves to be 5-8″ wide and at least 65 long.

Taffy Pull Scarf

woman modeling a multicolored taffy pull crocheted scarf
The Taffy Pull Scarf

Have you ever looked at something and thought “hmm, how did they do that?”

I have, often when I see the beautiful scarves one of our volunteers makes. She’s our go-to when we have questions about which colors or textures to mix. She can look at just about anything and then create something like it. Patterns aren’t really her thing, she just creates. She also can take the leftover bits people have and come back with a beautiful completed scarf.

This pattern for the Taffy Pull Scarf is one that inspired some of the ones that the rest of us look at and say “wow, that’s beautiful, how’d you do that?” So, I decided it’s my turn to try one too. I have some donated yarn and I’ve printed the pattern, so I’m ready to go.

If you’d like to make one too, you can find the pattern here, and join in the fun! It’d be great to see photos of the completed ones as we finish.

A new pattern and chance to win!

Are you looking for a new pattern to try? It can be easy to keep doing the same one or same couple over and over again. So, I was pretty excited to see that The Crochet Crowd is hosting a Valentine Heart Scarf Challenge this month.

They’ve shared a new scarf pattern, and we can create the scarf, follow their guidelines, and send them a photo to enter for a chance to win a bag of yarn.

This seems like a great opportunity to try something new and create a cool scarf to donate as well as possibly win a prize. Lots of possible good from one scarf! When the challenge is over they’ll draw 5 random winners, who knows, one of us could win.

If you decide to give it a try we’d love to see pictures of your finished project. You can post them on our Facebook page, or bring them to our March Work Day.


The first finished “on a roll” scarves

IMG_20160306_163305178_HDRWe finished the first three “on a roll” scarves! Working on these together was a lot of fun. Some of us really felt challenged by the randomness of the roll 🙂 We are more comfortable when things have a pattern that we can follow, and that we think looks nice. But, we stuck with it and in the end were pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Not only did we end up with beautiful finished projects, but a true sense of fun and community from working on scarves together in a new way.

So, we have a new plan for April, we’re going to pass scarves around and have several of us working on the same scarf. We’ll each have a color and make stitches till the time is up and then pass them around and keep going on the next one. We’re pretty excited about trying out a new way of doing things. Please join us if you can!