A Sweet Gift

from aunt helenNot too long ago one of my great aunts asked if we could use yarn for Threads of Compassion OKC. I told her yes, we definitely could. So, she got my address and I came home one day to the above package at our front door.

Talk about exciting! I was so curious to see what was inside. After unwrapping it, I discovered it was brimming with skeins of yarn.


Then, I dumped them out so I could see them all! Here they are:


I find it so encouraging that through an email I sent to much of my family about something unrelated to Threads my aunt found out about it and wanted to help. I love that technology allows me to share about important things with people, no matter where they live. I think it has been 6 years since I saw this precious lady, and we’ve never even talked about Threads. But she read about it, and wanted to help. How cool!

I look forward to seeing the beautiful scarves that come out of this yarn!

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