New Beginnings

Each new year can be a time of new beginnings. 2010 brings the beginning of a new endeavor for me!

During the holiday break I was looking for new crochet patterns and checked out a charity link at Lion Brand Yarn. In the list of charities was “Threads of Compassion”, as I read the description it seemed obvious that this could be a great project for me. I spent some time thinking and talking to Morgan about it and then contacted the YWCA to see if they have anything like this happening. They were quick to respond and let me know that they haven’t had this before but would be glad to give it a go.

So, today it begins! I started a simple scarf today and Morgan helped make the blog – it’s exciting to be beginning a new project that may be a great source of comfort to some. I’m looking forward to others joining me in providing scarves or supplies as we seek to offer some comfort at a challenging time.