You can win a scarf!

There are 3 simple steps to enter the free scarf contest:

1 Post information (example below) about Threads of Compassion OKC on your blog or, post a note in your status on Facebook with a link to the Threads OKC blog.

2 Add a comment to this post letting us know which you did (and how to find it if it’s a blog).

3 Email me at [email protected] to let me know you’ve entered the contest.

I’ll take entries up until 7:00am on Sunday March 7th. Then, at our work day in the afternoon I’ll draw a winner.

The winner gets to pick the pattern from those that I have made previously for this project and any color they like.

Also, you can get multiple entries by donating a scarf starting today until the drawing at the work day.

Here’s some info about Threads to post on your blog –just choose as much or little as you like, please do be sure to include a link to the blog 

Threads of Compassion is a loosely connected group of survivors of sexual violence who desire to offer comfort and support to recent victims. The idea is simple. Anyone whose life has been affected by sexual assault or abuse (either through a direct experience or through supporting a survivor) is welcome to knit or crochet a scarf which in turn will be given to a victim of sexual violence when they enter the hospital for emergency treatment.

One of the main goals behind Threads of Compassion is to break through this silence by acknowledging the pain. The gift of a scarf not only shows the knitters/crocheters concern for the victim, but also expresses their sorrow for what has happened. Each scarf is made by someone who wishes to provide a small amount of comfort against the pain being faced, and by doing so, lets the victim know they are not alone. The scarves are tangible objects that can be held, wrapped around the neck or shoulders, with the deeper meaning known only by the wearer. As each victim touches the threads of the scarves they receive, they are connecting with someone who cares about what has happened to them. A huge message given through a few threads of yarn.

The added beauty of the scarves is that the gift is actually two-fold. Through making the scarves, survivors are provided an opportunity to help other victims (in a very non-threatening way). Everyone remains anonymous. Those who create the scarves never meet the specific people who receive their scarves. That is all handled through the local rape crisis center.  Each scarf will have a small card attached to it that explains the idea behind Threads of Compassion and information on how to contact their local crisis center if they need further help or support.

If you would like to contribute a scarf, please do. We would be honored to receive them. Anyone whose life has been affected by sexual assault or abuse is welcome to make and send a scarf. Whether scarves are done by survivors, or friends and family members of survivors, it does not matter, (scarves can also be made in honor of friends who were raped, family members who suffered sexual abuse, etc.).

I must admit this idea is not original, I saw it on another blog and thought it was worth copying.  I’m excited to see how it works –it could become something we do every couple of months.  We’ll see… 

A scarf on the door!

It was so cool to come home and find this on the door!


One of the students here at OC took time to finish a scarf for Threads of Compassion amidst her schoolwork and other activities. 

She even delivered it to our apartment!

It’s not just me

I’ve known since the beginning of Threads of Compassion OKC that I’m not alone in the project.  But, it has become so clear in the last couple of weeks that it really is a group effort!

Pictured below are the 13 scarves that are ready to be delivered to the YWCA.  They come from 5 different people.  In addition to that, we had 6 of us at the work day on Sunday and I’ve heard from five others who want to get started. 

It really is neat to be part of a growing project like this!


Work Day Coming up…

I’m looking forward to Sunday!  In addition to the normal fun Sunday stuff, this one, February 7th is our Threads Work Day. 

From 2 – 4:30pm we have a room at the church building (the Potter’s Room) that we can use to make and package scarves.  So, come on over if you’d like to join in. 

If you want to make a scarf but don’t know how, let me know and I’ll get the stuff to be ready to help you learn to crochet! 

There’s a map with details on the website, you can see it by clicking the link:Work Day Info

Hope to see you Sunday!

Friends working together

It’s so cool to work together on a good project!  Last Sunday 2 of my friends came over to work on scarves, not only did we make good progress, we also got a chance to catch up with each other.  I’m looking forward to next Sunday, February 7th –we have a room at the Memorial Road church of Christ building to use for a work day from 2 – 4:30pm.   

It’s really happening!

I took the first batch of scarves to the YWCA yesterday.  In addition to those, six other ladies have told me that they’ve already started a scarf.  It’s so cool that this project has become a reality!

Beginning 2 More Scarves

I have so many things to be thankful for… Today it’s friends that come to mind. 

This afternoon one of my friends came over to re-learn how to crochet so that she could make a scarf to donate for this cause.  We began at the same time, with me helping refresh her skills.  It was really neat to and see our projects grow as we visited and worked together. 

Then the evening was spent with some other friends planning a group Bible study to happen the next several weeks.  Friday night another friend handed me a check to help purchase yarn for this project! 

I really am surrounded by things to be thankful for.  

More encouraging news

I know it’s normal to be excited about  something new, but I truly am excited!  Not only have I finished a second scarf, but 100_2598Morgan has finished the website and a couple more people offered to help at church last night.  It seems like we really will be able to deliver a batch of scarves to the YWCA before the end of the month.  I look forward to others continuing to join this project!

Off to a GREAT start

Threads OKC is off to a great start! Already 9 people have offered to help, some making scarves and some making donations so others can make scarves. A “learn or re-learn to crochet” event is in the planning stages and I’m about to start making a second scarf! 

Morgan’s at his computer again working on a website for us.

I’d been thinking about how to package the scarves and today I found a catalog (part of the mail that came in during Christmas break that we’re still going through) that had plastic bags and twist ties that seem ideal for it. They should be here by Tuesday so we can package the finished products to give to the YWCA for distribution.

I think before the end of the month we’ll be able to take a batch of scarves to the Y. It’s all so encouraging!

New Beginnings

Each new year can be a time of new beginnings. 2010 brings the beginning of a new endeavor for me!

During the holiday break I was looking for new crochet patterns and checked out a charity link at Lion Brand Yarn. In the list of charities was “Threads of Compassion”, as I read the description it seemed obvious that this could be a great project for me. I spent some time thinking and talking to Morgan about it and then contacted the YWCA to see if they have anything like this happening. They were quick to respond and let me know that they haven’t had this before but would be glad to give it a go.

So, today it begins! I started a simple scarf today and Morgan helped make the blog – it’s exciting to be beginning a new project that may be a great source of comfort to some. I’m looking forward to others joining me in providing scarves or supplies as we seek to offer some comfort at a challenging time.