Guest Post: Warmth for the Winter

This is a guest post written by a social work intern at the Metro Library about a new project here in OKC. We know that some of you knitters and crocheters like to make hats. So, we’re happy to share this guest blog post and invite you to join her.

I love that knitting and crocheting is such an inherent act of service and compassion. Threads of Compassion does incredible work providing for those who have been impacted by sexual violence, offering some semblance of comfort and humanity during a traumatic time. When I reached out to them to discuss my own project I am working on, they were quick to respond and offer their platform. Caring runs deep, and it helps remind me that there is so much kindness and good left in the world. We just have to look around!

I am a social work intern at the OKC Metro Library and have been assisting the unhoused for about 2 months now. So many of them find themselves in a devastating situation due to the housing crisis, fleeing a domestic violence situation, chronic physical or mental health conditions that have been exacerbated due to a broken healthcare system, or any number of other reasons. I have seen children, teens, veterans, men, women… You name it. They come from all different walks of life, but they all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When I visit with them, most of the time their requests are so simple yet so surprisingly difficult to obtain. They need toothpaste, soap, a tarp, etc; with winter
nearly upon us, they are asking for gloves, a scarf, a hat—anything to help fight off the bitter cold. I am a knitter, so when I am not working or interning, I am busy knitting up items for these folks. But I am only one person, and the need is SO great. That’s where you come in!

If you have finished works that you have been meaning to gift or donate, please consider my project! If you enjoy knitting for a cause, consider sending a scarf or hat my way so that I can distribute directly to someone who acutely needs it. Your small act of service will make a meaningful impact; the kindness of strangers makes the biggest difference for these folks.

So, if you are interested—or if you have any questions—please email me! I can be reached at: [email protected] . I can meet you or make other arrangements to pick up. Keep in mind that many unhoused folks are victims of sexual violence and are frequently targets of other kinds of crimes due to their vulnerability and marginalized status, so neutral colors (black, navy, brown, etc) are a safe bet.

Thank you for helping me make their fall and winter a little warmer this year.