A Sweet Story

photo of scarfA picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well I’d like to share some words about this picture.

Getting the word out about Threads happens in a variety of ways. One of those has been through NextDoor. It’s a private social media network for neighborhoods. My neighborhood participates in it. So one month we shared our work day as an event within the app since we meet in the neighborhood. A neighbor saw the event and stopped by the work day. We enjoyed meeting each other and she planned to join us again. But, we had some bad weather and several months passed before she was able to come back.

In July she stopped by to drop off the pictured scarf and share an experience that motivated her to keep working with us. She gave me permission to share that experience.

Working on a scarf one day someone saw her and asked what she was making (that happens pretty often if you’re crocheting or knitting out in public – it seems to be a great conversation starter). After discovering that she was making a scarf for Threads of Compassion the person who initiated the conversation visited with her a bit and then came back with a scarf in her hand. It was a scarf she had received from Threads of Compassion.

Yep, you read that right…while working on a scarf for Threads she encountered someone who shared with her the scarf they had received! What a small world we live in.

So, those times that I wonder if we should keep creating scarves and keep meeting, I can look at the picture of that scarf and remember that real lives are being impacted by the work we are doing. One of the best things about Threads of Compassion is the encouragement that comes from working together. The reminder that survivors aren’t alone is a real benefit of the project. If you’d like to join us, please check out our events page and stop by sometime. We’d love to meet you!