Working to comfort men, too

We’re working on something new – scarves for men!

At the Yarn Party one of our participants learned that one of the YWCA volunteers met with a male client at the hospital and discovered that all of the available scarves were pretty girly. They were all so girly in color and style that she didn’t feel comfortable offering him one.

Then, at last month’s workday that same participant noticed a donated scarf that was created in neutral colors. Seeing it reminded her of the conversation and she asked about packaging some designated for men. What a great idea! We decided to start making some specifically for men. While we don’t have a specific pattern or color in mind, we’re going for ones that are neutral, or at least not done in traditionally feminine colors, as well as patterns that aren’t too frilly.

We have already delivered our first one! It’s packaged just like all the others we’ve delivered, with an extra label on the outside designating it as a men’s scarf. This way it fits well with the others and the volunteer will be able to easily distinguish it from the other scarves when the need arises.

Our goal is have nine men’s scarves available at all times. This would allow us to have 3 at each hospital where victims may be treated. That way,  just like the women, the men will be able to select their scarf out of a few choices.

Please join us if you can! Knit or crochet a scarf that you think a man would like. Or, donate some yarn that we can turn into a scarf for a man.