Trying Something New

The start of a new year is always a good time to try something new, right? This opportunity is 2 new things at once!

The Crochet Crowd is offering an opportunity to crochet along with them and make a Shimmery Hearts Scarf from January 21st – January 28th. Anyone who enters a completed scarf according to the  Red Heart pattern during this time has a chance to win a ball winder.  Crocheting the scarf requires following a pattern that includes a graph rather than word-for-word instructions.

For me, participating in this crochet along is giving me the chance to experience 2 new things.  One is learning to read a new type of pattern, – following the graph to create the pictures has been a fun skill to learn. The second new thing is the chance to enter to win a prize from the Crochet Crowd. They have monthly challenges that include winning opportunities, but I’ve not participated in one before.

I’m excited about these 2 new things and hope you will be too.  Be sure to let us know if you decide to participate, we’d love to feature a photo of your scarf. I’m looking forward to finishing my scarf soon and packaging it at our February Work Day.