Did you resolve to be healthier or lose weight in 2013?

It seems that year after year many of us start out hoping, and maybe even planning, to lose some weight and be healthier. Then, regular post-holiday life kicks back in and we continue in our old ways.

This year, if you’re looking for some motivation to move and be healthier, how about joining the YWCA for a 5K in April?

The 2 Minute 5K is a great event! There are people of all skill levels. Last year we pushed our 7 month old in a stroller, walking the whole way. We came in 2nd to last, but were proud to finish!

This information from the YWCA OKC explains where the event gets it’s name:

“Did you know know every two minutes someone in the United States is sexually assaulted? You can help us take a stand against this crime by participating in our 2 Minute 5K on April 20 at Stars and Stripes Park! Whether you participate as a runner, walker, volunteer or even spectator, you will have a voice in saying “no” to sexual violence in our community.”

You can find more information and register online.