A Labor of Love

A friend of mine contacted me a couple of months ago to see about learning to crochet. Though we live in the same city we hadn’t seen each other much in the past couple of years. 

She was used to running as a hobby, but had to take a break for a while and wanted to do something meaningful for others with her time.

She had heard about Threads of Compassion OKC and wanted to be a part of it. We were pretty close back when I was raped, so this is just another way she has  provided some comfort directly to me! 

We started meeting for “lunch & crochet” once a week. It was so great to have time to talk and catch up with one another!

It was an adventure for me to try to teach someone who is left-handed. She was a trooper! Since I couldn’t figure out how to explain things backwards, or how to do it myself left-handed, she watched, listened, and figured it out.

Her first scarf is pictured above, and she’s already working on her second one.

I’m so encouraged by a friend who is learning a new skill so that she can reach out to comfort others!

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