It’s not just me

I’ve known since the beginning of Threads of Compassion OKC that I’m not alone in the project.  But, it has become so clear in the last couple of weeks that it really is a group effort!

Pictured below are the 13 scarves that are ready to be delivered to the YWCA.  They come from 5 different people.  In addition to that, we had 6 of us at the work day on Sunday and I’ve heard from five others who want to get started. 

It really is neat to be part of a growing project like this!


4 Replies to “It’s not just me”

  1. This is such a neat project and I am so glad you have such a servant heart. Let me know how I can help…I can donate yarn or something!!! You go girl and thank you to all of you who are contributing! Judy

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